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we cant pay for both jr and k mart next season
Great Point!
However, that decision was made already when we gave K-Mart a 10 day contract to tryout for the team ..
when lastseason we were on a winning streak roll with "Linsanity", and we didnt give JR a 10 day contract, we signed a walking JR to a full season contract for causing so much selfish-individual chaos in China .. plus breaking our winning-streak with chaotic 36% shooting.

This season was JR.Smith best season in the NBA do to Kidd's direction, and K-Mart opening up the lane forcing JR to slash to the basket consistently to take us on a 13 game win streak.
The 6th man runner-up Jamal Crawful cross-over dribble in one-spot never had a chance at challenging JR after (JR ex-teammate) Kenyon Martin join the Knicks .. JR took off to the next level of B.ball shooting 49%