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we cant pay for both jr and k mart next season

Gotta consider who are the teams who will be vying for these guys...its gonna be teams ready to win next year and of those teams who are under the cap?

Dallas would have a legit shot being Kmart is from Texas and all...but Cuban disrespected Kmart Mom, that aint happening

Teams like Miami can only offer as much as us so likely he stays for vet minimum...I mean after all he got a reality check when no teams (even those desperate for bigs) did not call and he had to settle for 10 day! I think Kmart will play for what we can pay him

JR is still a gamble for teams...Woody has worked wonders but 1.he still can get a little wild 2.how many teams are confident their coaching staff can keep him in check? and again the teams who can afford to pay him are not appealing at all if they were willing to shell out the cash!

Copeland is the likeliest to bolt...a team like Charlotte will pay for him and he'll go to a lesser team for the sake of playing time...and he'd be right to do so.