FG% .414
1.8 Three Point Makes
4.3 Three Point Attempts
6.6 pts/gm

Weíre paying a guy 4 million dollars who has no impact on the game whatsoever. His value comes in the form of 3pt makes and heís only giving us about 2 of those a game and that number gets even smaller in the postseason. Iím just not sure why we need to keep a guy on the bench who can only do one thing; and that one thing can be mitigated by just staying in front of him. Game 2 was a perfect example of how his value is nullified too easily to justify his salary. Sometime in the 3rd quarter with a double digit lead, Woodson decides to play Novak. This quickly leads to a Celtics 6-0 run and Novak is immediately replaced. Keep in mind that the shots were made by Crawford, who was being loosely guarded by NOVAK!

I just donít see why the FO canít put Novak on the trading block and see what offers we get. I mean we donít need his two 3s per game to be good. Hell, heís really only effective against the crappy teams anyway. Iíd be just fine replacing him with a 35% 3 point shooter and tough defender with slashing ability. Heís also the reason why JR Smith will want at least 6-7 mil as a base salary next season. Iím sure we can deal with a team loaded with PGs SF or PFs.

For those of you who adore Novak, I employ you to think about our real needs. A stand still sometimes knock down shooter isnít one of them. Sure, in a Dantoni system heís fine but this version of the Knicks have gone back to their roots and are defensive minded. The Celtics donít even use Courtney Lee. Iíd trade Novak for him in a second!