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Good point .. we are not playing Novak to his best talents, which is providing Novak with a decent pick/screen to go around for a catch n shoot play (this was the design-play for so many famous peremeter shooters before and after the 3-point line was put in the NBA). When we do this play 3 to 5 times per game with Novak, oponents will put their 2nd best defender on Novak during a series, which would stop the double-teams on Melo, or JR, or Felton's slashing.
This is more on coaching than Novak. Now with every possession valued as gold, do you set up a play for Novak or allow your 1 and 2 options to fire it up when open. That's the question Woodson is answering. Novak is a specialist at this point, nothing more. The guy can blow open a game with 3 3's, but he can also shoot you out of a game, miss the 3, then his man scores on a drive and a and one. During Dallas' run, there was one game where Peja shot the lights out, I think it was against LA, and he could not miss, it became contagious....that was what one game out of 21 total playoff games for Dallas.