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I've always felt this way baout Novak. I just finally had the time to make a thread about him. The playoffs were used as an example because that was the most up to date info to reference. Truthfully, you could reference most games he plays and find a reason why he shouldbe traded for a two way player.

My biggest point was that two 3s per game just isn't enough to justify his salary and putrid defense. He doesn't really add value other than spreading the floor, but does that really make a big difference since we don't even have a post game? Copeland shows that he can score from the 3 all the way to the paint but still can't surpass Novak on the depth chart. Mind boggling.
yes, it is mindboggling.

Copeland needs some playing time especially against the Pacers.

Didn't Copeland play well against them last time or am I mistaken? I didnt do my research on that.