1. Prigioni is sex. Offense, Defense...he just plays the right way. He's the Argentine Charlie Ward/Chris Childs. He's played great defense all year and our best defensive line up includes Pablo. Pablo has done amazing consider this is his 1st year in the NBA against new players, a longer and more vigorous season compared to the ACB. Pablo is a game changer, simply put and he's been a steal for us.

2. Martin is a factor. It's great to know not too long ago K-Mart was sitting on his couch and now he's sitting on Kevin Garnett's soul. Completed owned the paint and made it his room. K-Mart is the best post defender in the East behind Roy Hibbert...he's been such a factor defensive and setting the tone I can't imagine our success without him. He's been better than what Sheed did for us.

3. Kidd. Wow, what can you say? He's playing with confidence again. When he had that cold slump, he didn't look interested in participated in playing the game. Now you see Kidd grabbing every rebound, making great passes, changing the momentum of the game by making stops or turnovers on defense. He's timeless. He will always be a factor in games no matter his age because his awareness is A+ and has the edge on his man.

4. Felton. I been hard on Felton all year. He's been a horrible defender throughout the regular season, but it seems like Felton has entered the players and engaged himself 200% into defense. He's been a pitbull and a great addition to our 3 headed PG monster that's contributing on both ends of the court. Let's give Ray a shout out, he may not be our PG of the future...but he's doing what he can do for this team. I'm still not a fan, but I will give Ray love for here because his play has been outstanding.

5. Shumpert. Anyone else happier than I am to see Shumpert moving like a rookie again? Remember when Shump returned and we played the Pistons in England? He looked stiff and limited in agility. Now he's going in and out, penetrating, slashing, sprinting down the court. It's just exciting to see because Shumpert is potentially our most athletic guy and him using his speed, agility and vertical will help one of our main weaknesses, transition offense.

6. JR Smith. He kept it real. Jason Terry is a toto. Jason Toto.

7. Melo, if he doesn't win MVP this year...it'll be classless. We're talking about a 30 PPG scorer who's leading his team to the ECF finals and if Knicks upset Miami, I believe Melo deserves to be the favorite of the MVP. Finals MVP is only for the Finals. What Melo does from here to the ECF should be factored into his MVP votes...in all honestly; it'll be fair because these games mean the most.