First off we can all agree that the Knicks are playing great basketball right now and at the right time. Last night's game was a great all around team effort. Even with the ejection of JR and all the hype surrounding Bean towns tragedy we cam out and opened a can of whoop-azz on em.
But here is an interesting fact. We ended the season with an exact 100.0 scoring avg. Defensively we were at 95.7 Throughout the first 3 games we scored 85,87,90 points for an avg. of 87.3 And the defense?...Well it was great at 78,71,76 for a even 75 avg.
Miami coincidentally, avg. 102.9 vs. 95 for the regular season but their first 3 games avg. 104 vs. 88

We are not scoring a lot of points. Sure we went up a little each game but I am concerned that 90 points is not going to cut it in round 2 and certainly not for the ECF or Finals. The defense is right on and no issues with that but don't we need to score a little more? (Insert my need for STAT in round 2-3).