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JR got rewarded for throwing an elbow, being suspended and his refusal to run back on defense in the first half of game 5 by Woodson playing him 36 minutes . Everyone says we are lucky to have JR at this price but Woody in sense kiss's JR's as to keep him happy. Put JR on another team where the coach does not tolerate JR's attitude or moodswings and JR will not be as productive.....I do think Woody gets the best out of JR but the cost to the team and Woodys coaching role are in question.
This my friends is why we did not see 1 solid offer for JR and the Knicks were able to sign him for the price we did. Yes after the season he will be offered money as greed and time will allow other teams to buy into the fools gold...You want JR then u need a coach like Woody who will sacrifice others to get the best out of him.

So true .. so true .. its hard not to
JR's career performance in the NBA show a long long list of FLAWS, annnd inconsistence performance.

What bothers me the most about having a "inconsistant JR.Smith" on the roster are JR will come-out in this 6th game in Boston, to have a somewhat decent game hitting a couple of clutch shots for the win, and everybody go back to Mr. Swish won the game.
However, we all know its the small things from players "Kidd, Prig, Shump, and Martin" that brings the win ....
for example in game-5 we force Boston to committ 17 turnovers, but we only scored 4 points off of Boston turnovers .. we committed only 9 turnovers inwhich Boston scored 16 points off our turnovers.
I been asking all season where is our transition-scoring off of Kidd, Prigioni, or Shumps defensive-steals?
Melo & JR dont run on offense or defense...