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If the Knicks lose this series (which ain't happening) JRs elbow will get the most blame for the melt down......but it wont be the sole reason. You can blame the terrible shooting, lack of ball movement, lack of adjustments, etc.

Regardless we aren't a true threat to win the East without the year JR has had. I will take JR and his contract over guys like Fields, Lin, Jordan Crawford, etc that are doing absolutely nothing for there teams this time of year at similar it more $$$.

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I 100% agree that JR was an integral part in winning the east......and Yes no one person will be blamed if we lose ( which I will be ready to puke if we do )

BUT you are a FOOL to say who u would rather have........JR threw the elbow and got himself suspended....How does he reward his teammates and knick fans with that emotional mistake....HE GOES out to the wee hours in the morning partying before game 5....do u think it had an effect or JR just played like crap. did not run the floor and looked downright spent......

Dude wake up.........JR does not get stroked for what he has done...and all players will have their slumps here and there.....what JR did for the past 2 games is just plain stupid....

I did appreciate his humbled comments after game 5 so maybe he comes back tonight....But do remember this game should have been over in game 4 or 5 and our 6th man of the year should have been 100% available for both!!!!!!!!!!