Hello and welcome to the 2013 NBA Playoffs Game 6 between our New York Knicks and the Boston Celtics!

Boston has really turned this series around and are taking it into game 6, after what appeared to be an easy sweep. Too much self-confidence and too much trash talk from the Knicks inspired the Celtics into winning two crucial games and push the series for a possible tie on their home court.

Tonight, New York must keep their mouths shut and do what they do best. Defend and score! JR Smith's return in game 5 was simply terrible, his 0-10 start from the field combined with Melo's disappointing performance leaving Woodson clueless! Inspirational stories and analogies with the Red Sox and the Yankees in 2004 are stupid and awful but Doc Rivers thinks they will help his team, into forcing a game 7. I got another story for him. Only three times an NBA team led 3-0 managed to force game 7, none of the times did that team survived and none of the teams were named "Boston".

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A little something to cheer for
14 years ago, on this date, the New York Knicks defeated the Boston Celtics, with one game left to play in the regular season. Patrick Ewing led the Knicks with 27 points and 19 rebounds! It was 1999 and the playoff run was one to remember!

Starting lineups:

Let's GO New York, GO!