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    Default Don't have an answer to this one. . .

    Why does the ball movement disappear?

    Who should take the responsibility? the coach Woodson? the star Melo? The PG Felton? The veterans like Kidd?

    Why why why?

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    It happens because dudes are nervous and therefore aren't willing to trust their initial instincts; preferring to take their time and think instead.

    When the ball flies around, things are loosey-goosey. With the added pressure of possessions, it slows to ensure a good shot (although that doesn't always happen).

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    Iso balls killin us.. But when Melos hot and does iso plays everyone loves it and doesnt mind iso plays... Melo just has to pass the rock after suckin in defenders when hes not hot
    "I'm more concern how Melo is gonna play with Lin" Joe Budden

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    Simple you need intelligent ballers to make ball movement work against quality teams.

    Look at Knicks with and without Prigs+one another PG be it Felton or Kidd. Game 3 Prigs came out flying and we blew out the Celtics, game 4 second half Shump+ Felton+Prigs rolling, yet come close out time no Prigs in sight. Game 5 start Prigs storm out to 11-0 lead, sub him out for JR and it's "See you in Boston for game 6". Last night Shump+Prigs simply decimating the Celtics, up by 27 but....Woodson just had to go with "his guys" i.e Struggling Melo+JR and 27 point lead shrinks to 4 in a matter of minutes.

    What Woodson needs to grasp is bad offense leads to easy baskets for the opposition, even for a team as inept as the Celtics. How many times in that Celtic run did they get easy transition baskets via bad shots+turnovers? Pierce, Terry, Bradley and Green all handed easy baskets why... because minus Shump we were without easily out best defender and a hot shooter, minus Prigs we were without an quality dribble and overall one of our most intelligent ballers.

    Woodson needs to get it through his head if he's going to go with ISO ball it better work, have no time in the playoffs to just sit back and wait for ISO ball to work. When ISO ball does not work it's a certainty that the opposition will go on a big run. Be it Celtics, Pacers and Heat all could/can defend at an elite level, all well coached and play intelligent ball.

    If were going to advance Woodson must be flexible no more "They're my guys" High school like coaching. Intelligence is what wins big games.

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    Originally Posted by Number3
    Iso balls killin us.. But when Melos hot and does iso plays everyone loves it and doesnt mind iso plays... Melo just has to pass the rock after suckin in defenders when hes not hot
    Iso ball in it of itself is not bad...Phil Jackson won championships by isolating Jordan (Brian Russell knows this all too well) So I do not mind controlled uses of it. But 8 or 9 straight possessions of it, even when it is working, is clumsy and amateur. Iso is great when you use it to set up other players but was the worst set in last night's comeback by Boston. It basically put Melo against 5 Celtics and their whole crowd...hopefully players grew up in this series and Woody did too
    "I'd Rather Melo shoot with 3 men on him than Jefferies shotting wide open"

    -Jeff Van Gundy

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    but Knicks r waisting time for dribbling while young teams simply are passing ball and finishing as layups i understand Knicks r old but look @ parker whole carrer same style.

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