Big Shumpert fan (as are most of us) but things looked bleak for a minute...did one of the most promising rookies have an injury that stunted his growth and development leaving us wondering about what could have been?

Shump's claim to fame was his Defense and his confidence and they both looked to be gone for much of the season

shots were flat

finishing ability looked Jared Jefferies like at times

the D was good in flashes, yet he was committing a lot of hand checks and getting called for fouls (not a good sign because refs will let things go from established defenders). Woody said he did not look the same on D as he did rookie season.

best game...a 20 pt effort in a 25 pt loss!

...then the playoffs came and actually as much as we hated this going 6 games it was game 4,5, and 6 that Shump really turned it on defensively.

His drives are looking more fluid on offense and the confidence is growing with the J.

Big 2nd halves on offense were key to game 1 and 2 victories and again it was his D on Pierce that really inspired me.

Shump is a critical player for us...if Raymond continues good play and Shump continues to regain form then the potential of this team will continue to show and the sky is the limit!