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    I don't know about everyone else but Stat is 6' 11" and 245 lbs. I will take that for 15 minutes just banging with Hibbert, West , and Hack"Borough. Stat gives us another big body who just needs to be agressive on defense and drive to the back and get Hibs and West in foul trouble. 10-15 Minutes to give K-Mart and Chandler a rest, I will take it! All the haters go home!

    And by the way
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    Originally Posted by jimkcchief88
    It would be nice if STAT could make a difference here, but I doubt it. Hard to jump from being on the shelf to playoff intensity. Even every KNICK fans fav Charles Barkley said Amare could make a difference if he forgot about his offensive game and concentrated on defense and rebounding. Problem is STAT does NEITHER!!! I guess we will see on Saturday.
    stat doesnt need to jump if he uses his post moves
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    Stat can help a lot, I'm just not sure he'll help much tonight since he's coming back from such a long layoff and might have problems with timing and rhythm but the key is to get those down and to increase his endurance so he can help in the later games. We shouldn't overlook the opponent in front of us now and the game tonight but we should also get ready for whatever might be down the road as well.
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