Did coach Woodson learn anything about the Knicks in the Boston Celtics playoff series?
we will find the answer within the Knicks vs Pacers series.

Will Woodson run the same rotation he used on Boston vs the Indiana Pacers?
I would not advise it, the Pacers are a strong rebounding team vs a weak rebounding Boston team.

Knicks 6 game series over Boston
we shot 41% fg on 33-80 fga, 8-24 3's, 14-18 FT, 42 rbds, 15 ast, 12 TO, 10 stl, 4 blks, 21 fouls, averaging 88 points per game in a 6 game series.

Indiana Pacers 6 game series over Atlanta Hawks
they shot 42% fg on 33-79 fga, 6-21 3's, 23-29 ft, 50 rbds, 20 ast, 15 TO, 7 stl, 5 blk, 24 fouls, averaging 96 points per game in a 6 game series.

The Knicks will have to add Camby & Copeland for 14 minute of playingtime per game in the series vs Pacers. Why?
We need a 9+ man rotation vs Pacers with 4 solid rebounding bigmen to share fouls to keep our 4th qtr. winning bigmen (Tyson & Martin) free from foul trouble.
It would be nice to have Amare as Melo's backup in this series. Why?
Carmelo Anthony is not a 40 minute player vs the Pacers, Melo's defense is to damn weak vs George & West.
Felton had it real easy with Boston not having a real veteran experience PG in their rotation.
Plus Boston only played 7 players in their rotation per game, where the Pacers will run 9+ players at us each game in their rotation.

What do u K.O. members think???