Nothing is in the bag. Not even close.


This is working out fairly well.

Knicks muddle through the first round, hopefully learning lessons about ball movement vs. ISO, on focus/team play for 48 minutes (not for 46), on closing out when you can.
Carmelo and Smith humbled a bit.
Amar'e, Camby, and Shumpert getting healthy at just the right time.
Felton and Prigioni stepping up their games. George Hill a bit banged up.
Don't count out potential contributions from Copeland and Barron.
Bulls playing Heat in 2nd round, potential for Heat to come out of 2nd round a bit banged up.

Of course, the Indiana series will be a tough test. The Knicks will get banged around as well. Wondering what Kidd has left.

Strange thought, the Knicks seem to match up better against the Heat than they do against the Bulls.

Still given where they have been for the last 13 years, or even for the previous two, this is an excellent shot staring at them. We have to be happy with that.