It was said best by DOC RIVERS after the Celtic's series...."THE KICKS CAN BEAT ANYONE IF THEY PLAY RIGHT". So what did Doc mean? I think he knows when Melo and JR stop trusting their team mates and try to create on their own especially in a game where hitting the open man is working the Knicks regress.
Nevertheless, I am the king of NO...NO...YES after Melo and/or JR hit spectacular shots not in the sets that the Knicks run I am astounded. When they miss I am pissed.
There's are a plethora of {for the Europeans it means plenty of} opinions on whose favored. Actually the European's post better grammatical English here than the boys from the hood.
Who will it be,the best 3 POINT shooting KNICKS or the best defending 3 POINT Pacers? Will their big front line intimidate our smaller starting line up? Will Woodson change his game plan early going with TYSON, K MART, MELO, FELTON and JR for most of the game?
Will Hansborough and West be aiming for Melo's shoulder? Ofcourse they wil. A retorical Will the Knicks hit Stephanson where he hurts?
Rather than just "GO KNICKS"...Enquireing Minds want to know what must the Knicks and Woodson do for the Knicks to advance?
Knicks in 7 if they hold Home court.