I think ultimately for Melo to have major success as a primary option, he needs to be paired with a top 10 pg with great decision making ability. Part of the issue is no one on this team will deny Melo a shot even if it isn't the right play at that moment. We need a pg that will take full control and make those decisions based on the temperature of the game. This is not a knock on Felton. I actually like him but if Melo is going to be at his best, he needs to be teamed with a PG who isn't afraid to run the team and sometimes deny Melo in the best interest of the team.

I can envision a PG waiving off Melo in favor of running a PnR with TC based on a particular matchup or because he sees the help defender isn't closing out well. I can also envision a PG choosing to exploit Shump's corner shooting ability and not allowing him to cool down when he's got it going. I can also envision a PG makinig sure Melo gets the ball in his sweet spots when its crunch time.