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Great points. I think Melo ultimately means well but he just doesn't see the big picture. His cure-for-all is just to score. I personally think he has a low basketball IQ. YOu should be able to properly adjust your game by the 3rd quarter if you're really in tune with the game. The help defense closed in hard on Melo's drives but not once did he decide to use that opportunity to create shots for someone else. I also blame this on Woodson. Hibbert constantly left TC open to help on drives to the basket.
Yeah but any pass below the waist, this dude has butter-fingers. The team except for Felton don't have confidence in dumping it off to him.

Melo's IQ is not an issue. He's a Gold Medalist, NCAA Champ, and perennial all-star. We win as a team and lose as a team. And in a team players have roles and responsibilities; Melo is a primary scorer and he actually did drive the rock. The pacers killed us on the boards because we don't rebound; because we're used to being jumpshot and tap-out happy. This was the culmination to what happens with our style, going cold, and being denied inside.

The answer is simple because it's mostly offensive, yet elusive. Either we:

1. calm down and hit our jumpers consistently (we lost the 2nd and 4th qtrs on Sun).

2. TC wakes up and invigorates the P&R game.

3. We get hungry, adapt to a tough inside game, start rebounding, and grind-it-out.

or we lose.