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Saying we need to move the ball is like telling a hockey player we have to skate; it's like telling a cyclist he has to pedal; it's like telling a driver he has to steer. DUH! I mean after an analysis this is what people are coming up with? Really?
In their support, meaning those fans that watch the game and those who've actually played, they haven't had a Melo since forever. They got use to a team of B players overachieving and before that a big-man star in Ewing where the true scoring bigs have been phased out.

They don't know what a Melo is supposed to do nor a team with him. To them it's either iso or ball movement, both extreme. It's about balance and exploiting match-ups. So forgive them.. for they know not what they say.

Melo he gutted it out through a serious injury. He's a warrior and that's what you want. We got another warrior trying to make it back off the shelf too, with time to heal up. I'm bout to order some hyperbaric chambers!

Melo is the only legit shot we got at a chip. Period.

Ask the Nuggets and Clippers.

Yeah Yeah Yeah .... Knicks Management and coaching-staff hasnt been on the same-page in decades, at least since the feud with G.M. Grunfield vs JVG. We had some nice players, but we didnt have the team-effort (coach to players).

Melo has his good points in scoring under pressure, but Melo also have many flaws, the kind of flaws that always keep us under pressure.
I wish ur point describe Melo, "u dont have to tell a driver of a car he/she have to steer" however, Melo is the guy u have to keep reminding to pass the blunt lol

HOF Jason Kidd player/coach guidance are the only legit shot we got at a chip .. the #1 reason we gave a 40 yr ole Kidd a 3 yr contract (to keep lockerroom-discipline on the team).
JR & Melo -vs- Amare is the same exact problem Denver had with JR & Melo -vs- max-contract Kenyon Martin (Denver had to get Billups to defuse the problem, the same as us getting Kidd)...