How did we WIN Game-2 .....

Knicks players "Tyson, Felton, Prig, Martin, Copeland" all became hype with extra-energy early in the first-half from getting several touches to score.

The Knicks won on the strength of Melo finally letting his teammates control the offense in the first half of the game.
Melo became the super-star finisher in the 2nd-half to put the icing on the WIN by receiving strong-effort from all his teammates on both ends of the court, where garbage time came the final 5 minutes of the game.
The Pacers were not prepared for such a strategical-change from Woody & Melo.

Adding a run-run uptempo Stat to the rotation to run the Pacers bigmen the next 3 games will win the series.
Forcing Stat to play a slow-slow walk the ball up court on every Knicks offensive-possession will not win one game in the Indiana Pacers rowdy-crowd stadium.