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    Default Hoping to lure JR back to NY by signing his brother Chris?

    Apparently, we haven't heard the end of Chris Smith with the Knicks.

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    Anyone see this? Hey, it's creative at least, I'll give 'em that. Question is -- is it worth it? They know that they'll only be able to offer JR a certain number (what is it -- only a little over $5M a yr/4 yrs max or something, right?) and I guess this is something the Knicks hope, along with playing in NY and for a coach he likes, placates him & convinces him to stay. Is it worth tying up salary and a roster spot in an inferior player that probably isn't NBA material, though?? And is bringing JR himself back even worth it anymore at this point?? Been stinkin' up the joint lately and we've heard twice now that he's been out late the night before playoff games boozin' it up.

    Can't help but wonder if we'd be better off re-tooling the SG position with much cheaper alternatives -- i.e. bargin bin types like Jermaine Taylor/Jamelle Horne/Scotty Hopson/Derrick Byars/Chris Douglas-Roberts through FA; Reggie Bullock or Carrick Felix late in the draft with a 2nd round pick we could hopefully acquire; maybe picking up a guy like Dwayne Davis outta Southern Miss. or Durand Scott outta Miami if they go undrafted and inviting them to SL/training camp (both guys just excelled at Portsmouth), etc...

    What do you guys think of this move with Chris Smith and is JR even worth it anymore? Discuss..
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