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    Default My updated offseason plan

    Draft -

    24 Erick Green - 6'3" combo guard, Va Tech - Big-time scorer who I believe led the nation in scoring. Very smooth, lead guard material. Very solid stats in all areas -- 25 ppg on 47.5% from the field/39% from 3 (excellent for a guard that takes over 17 shot attempts/game), almost 82% from the line on 267 total FT attempts (huge number--this dude can really get to the line), 4.0 rpg, 3.8 assists, 1.3 steals (1.8 his sophomore year). Became much more comfortable running the team (esp. pick & rolls) this year. I think he could handle full-time backup PG duties behind Felton for next year...I've heard a soundbite where Green says how much he admires Devin Harris' game -- I can see that comparison and also, dare I say, a little Steph Curry. We've all seen how well Curry's worked out in GS, right? This dude would be perfect for us -- Pablo might go back to Europe; Kidd may/should retire (maybe we can facilitate that by offering him a front office position); and JR's probably gone in free agency. He'd help out at both guard spots and help replace some of JR's scoring. Most of the bigger draft mocks have him going after we pick. I think that's crazy -- to me, he's a lottery pick. Have trouble seeing how he's there at 24 but if he is, we need to take him.

    With a deep 2nd round pick we acquire somehow - 6'10" PF Brandon Davies, BYU - made some news a couple of years ago at BYU - this is the kid that had sex with the girl on campus and got suspended. No biggie there at all. Complete no-issue. Excellent scorer in the post. Wide array of moves with good footwork and execution. He can also can the 15-18 footer. So-so rebounder/shot-blocker - I just love his post game. Just played great at Portsmouth, winning the MVP award. Bottom line: If Amar'e breaks down again next year, we're gonna need to come up with some interior scoring somewhere. I originally called for the Knicks to invite this kid to SL/training camp but I now feel he'll get drafted off the good Portsmouth showing.


    Piece together the rest going the bargin-bin FA route:

    7' C Marcus Cousin - would be an excellent backup C to Chandler/3rd big man. Good size, hustles, very effective inside/outside offensive game for a big and he rebounds well. Very underrated big man that deserves a shot in the NBA. Guys with his size that can shoot the ball the way he can don't grown on trees.

    6'10" PF JaJuan Johnson or 6'10" Craig Brackins - either guy would supply some inside/outside scoring on the frontline. Like either guy for the same reasons I want Davies. JJ had a lost year in the DL but the potential's still there. I thought he looked very good for Boston and I liked him a lot at Purdue. Out of the 3 scoring 4s discussed here -- I like JJ, Davies then Brackins, in that order.

    6'10" PF/C Jordan Williams - monster rebounder at Maryland. If they feel they need some more rebounding/size up front, provided he's kept himself in shape, this would be my guy. Not too shabby offensively too. He's actually got a nice feel for scoring it in close out to about 15'.

    6'7" SG/SF Jamelle Horne - Loved him in college. One of my favorite college players -- the talent and ability was there to be a star at the college level. Should've been developed much more than what he was at Arizona. Having basically a different coach ever year definitely set him back imo. Long, very athletic, very good 3-pt shooter who can also put it on the floor and get to the rim. Very underrated defensively too. I actually think he's got shutdown defensive potential.. Would be an excellent 2-way role player here.

    6'1" PG Michael Loyd Jr. or 6'1" Curtis Jerrells - If we can't get Green or another PG-type in this draft, I'd like us to bring in either of these guys for Summer League for a closer look. I thought Loyd was very good playing behind Jimmer Fredette at BYU a few years ago (completely different player - this kid's a natural speedy PG with good overall ability) and Jerrells, likewise, was a solid speedy lefty scoring point at Baylor who went on to star in the DL and win a championship overseas with the Serbian team BC Partizan Begrade a couple of years ago... I like and respect Pablo and J-Kidd but I want to see the organization add some more speed/penetration at the point for next year to go along with Felton. I want us to come up with a more offensive-minded/fast PG who can take it right to the opposition, isn't afraid to shoot and can get deep in the lane to create for himself or others. If we can't find that elsewhere, these two guys fit the bill. 5'10" Pierre Jackson is another possibility in the 2nd round provided we're willing to add another deep pick.

    We probably couldn't land all of these guys (wouldn't have the roster space) but I just wanted to lay out some solid alternatives. Just my 2 cents..
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