knicks are going to have to make some choices in my opinion. Some of them tougher than others

1. Is Tyson declining or was this playoffs just him being plagued with injuries? If they think the former, do you move him? Maybe to the clippers for De'andre Jordan (who isn't as good as Tyson if Tyson was healthy) and Bledsoe? Maybe they say **** it and go after Dwight Howard for a combo of Tyson and Novak? Or do they play it safe and most realistically and just try to draft his backup/replacement this year?

2. Do you package the expiring contracts along (Q.Rich, Barron, White) along with Camby and/or Novak for just one player who is slightly overpaid but can contribue all year.

3. Do we keep JR Smith.... Of course we keep him if we can afford him. JR is a Sixth Man. Even though he disappeared these playoffs and might mess up again. He is useful and right now the Knicks second best player. The good news is that the knicks are good at the draft.

knicks needs 2 years to get Amare off the books ..... Maybe it is impossible for us to become contenders between now but we can make sure once we have Amare off the books we can have a team that is good enough to be a real draw to the best Free Agents available. First thing first is making a team that can make it to the eastern finals.

Lastly this off season shows the knicks reliance on the 3 ball isn't going to work. Knicks need to rethink their offense they stuggled damn near the whole playoffs and they to make sure not to trade away the few good players they got unless its for clear upgrades