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    I don't think we would have to give them shump to make that deal for Howard (who I agree is overrated but could hold his own against Hibbert) if he is leaving LA the knicks are trading to match value and nothing more. Also Trading Melo isn't the issue. Melo is the knicks best player. The problem is that Hibbert is so clearly better than Tyson. If the Knicks can move Tyson or a re-signed JR (though I doubt that he will re-sign before the draft if he even does that) for some decent players and maybe to move up the draft (or get a second draft pick) maybe they should do it. If the Knicks can get a Big who is decent great if not then try to fill another spot on the starting lineup (like SF because realistically the knicks don't have one)

    ALso there is the slight (and I mean slight) chance the knicks make a run at Chris Paul though why the clippers would help the Knicks with that by taking on Chandler is beyond me. Maybe the Knicks could go for Eric Gordon but his knee issues are pretty well known and would be a similar case to Amare in a lot of ways.

    The most realistic move will be the knicks will once again package its collection of small and expiring contracts (bench warmers) and then use them then as the basis for sign and trade with teams who have players who are going to walk anyway but the players leaving would like the benefit of a slight salary increase before they come to New York. Examples would be players such as Lou Amundson, Rip Hamiliton, Barbosa, Omri Cassipi. IE players who are past there prime.

    As I said Earlier Amare is the biggest issue roster wise. Its not his fault that he is injury prone but unfortunately thats the reality. The knicks could ignore it and continue to say "lets go for it now" or they could face the truth and readjust to go for it in 2015. I told ya'll that 2015 was going to have to be the new plan when we traded everyone for Anthony because between the cap and the fact we kept none of the starters we had before it was going to take time to be an honest contender. I mean it took the knicks 2 seasons just to find players who were starter quality to begin with.

    The only Hail Mary I could possibly see for Amare's contract is maybe the knicks trade him to Phlly for Bynum (whose an expiring) because Philly has nothing going on and Amare might bring them some excitement next season and couldn't be worse than Bynum. I don't think that is a real possibility though but you never know.... someone traded for Bynum so there is always a chance.

    EDIT: bynum is an expiring this year so that is not possible

    The reality though is there are no real impact players acquirable out there who can help the Knicks in the short term. To make issues worse the New CBA makes it harder to acquire one if you can find them as well. Knicks need to hit it out the park in the draft (which isn't the norm for them. They tend to get starter quality players) and keep trying to move Amare for the cap space. Come 2015 the Knicks could have tons of cap space to build around Melo, as well as having a decent team already signed to the team.
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