For years, David Stern has had a total disregard for the Knicks. As if he wanted some other team to win the Patrick Ewing sweepstakes and when the Knicks won he vowed to be a pain in our sides. And Stu Jackson has picked that up since he was fired by the Knicks. Since the 90s the NBA, in my opinion, has always ALWAYS put harsher more devastating fines/suspensions against the Knicks, than any other team. Game 2 of the Bulls and Heat had much more devastating meaningful shots than what JR did to Terry, but I am yet to hear of any suspensions. The bulls players that were thrown out of the game were thrown after 3+ quarters of hard fouls and technical. its like there is always a double standard when its the Knicks. Hinrich tackles Lebron on a break away thats a hard foul kenyon Martin goes for a block on Durant gets 80% ball and 20% arm/head on the follow through, they rush to call it a technical or flagrant one... SMH.

Now the heat are waiting on word if there are any fines coming for Chalmers. Listen Chalmers Clotheslined Noah, turned around and then sdtarted talkin $hit... I mean thats a friggin ejection and suspension if anyone on the Knicks team did that. even if it was friggin Prigs. I already Know the NBA is biased against the Knicks, but if Chalmers is allowed to play it just cements my thoughts on the double standard the NBA has when it comes to the Knicks and every other team.