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    Default Joakim Noah Guarantees He'll

    Joakim Noah Guarantees He'll Annoy Living **** Out Of Heat

    MIAMI—Following the Bulls upset of the Heat in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, Chicago center Joakim Noah boldly guaranteed Monday that he will annoy the living fuc k out of Miami in this series. “Mark my words, no one on the Heat can stop me from getting in their faces and irritating them every fuc king second,” said Noah, looking straight into one of the cameras and emphatically promising to single-handedly start shi t with “every one of those as sholes on the Heat.” “I guarantee that I’ll trash-talk after making easy layups, scream after every rebound, and howl like a fuc king lunatic while driving to the hoop.” Noah, who was asked whether his words might motivate the Heat, said that the media overhyping player predictions was pretty fuc king annoying, which proved that he was off to a good start.
    looks like more and more players are sick and tired of heat and refs.

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    there's already a topic on this series

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