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All I want is HOF Jason Kidd running the show in both games in Indiana .. in Kidd's NBA career its never been about scoring, with Kidd its always been about his guidance to lift his teammates confidence & skills in a game.

I also want the uptempo running Stat in this game to run with Shump for some lob passes from Kidd & Prig for easy fastbreak points.
I dont want Melo & JR slowing down the tempo for 48 minutes of the game -vs- a bigman Pacers team.

If we run the Pacers the next 3 games with a 9-man rotation we will be in the ECF...
Kidd can't even hit a shot which means its like having 4 vs 5. We need some offense and Kidd needs to hit the open jumper or else we should just have Pablo take his minutes because Pablo is the same player but more athletic and is consistent with the outside shot