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    Default Woodson agrees with Tyson re ball movement.

    Article is by Howard Beck.

    INDIANAPOLIS — Some Knicks were ill, some Knicks were aching and some Knicks were bickering, or at least giving the appearance of it, all on the eve of a game labeled a “must win” by the franchise star, who is shooting too much or not shooting enough.

    Other than that, the Knicks seemed just fine Monday when they made final preparations for Game 4 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, a game that might very well define their season.

    A victory over the Pacers on Tuesday would tie the series and make it a best-of-three affair, with two of those games at Madison Square Garden. A loss would leave the Knicks in a 3-1 hole, with long odds of recovering.

    “Tomorrow will tell us a lot about our team,” said Carmelo Anthony, who called Tuesday’s game both a “must win” and a “gut check,” each an apt cliché.

    The Pacers have yet to lose a home playoff game. The Knicks are 0-3 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse this season and have seemingly forgotten how to score. Only eight N.B.A. teams have won a series after falling behind by 3-1.

    Team health remains a serious concern. J. R. Smith and Kenyon Martin were left at the team hotel Monday because of illness, with Martin showing some of the same feverish symptoms that sapped Smith of his strength in Game 3.

    Iman Shumpert was also held out of practice because of soreness in his surgically repaired left knee.

    Shumpert said it was “probably just a bruise” unrelated to the ligament tear he had last spring. He vowed to play, and Coach Mike Woodson indicated that was likely. The status of Smith and Martin might not be clear until game time.

    By then, the Knicks will presumably have sorted out their differences over what constitutes a smart shot and what constitutes selfish play, and whether Anthony is guilty of choking the offense.

    Tyson Chandler raised those concerns, albeit in cloaked terms, a day earlier, when he called for more passing and sacrifice and cited unnamed teammates for trying “to take over the game.” Those remarks seemed aimed at Anthony or Smith — the only two Knicks who are capable of creating their own shots and taking over a game.

    Anthony seemed a bit perturbed by the discussion.

    “I really don’t want to go back and forth about that, because I really don’t know exactly what he’s talking about,” Anthony said, referring to Chandler. “But if he feels that way, we’re about to get together right now. We’ll discuss that amongst ourselves and figure that out, just get his take, get his perspective on that comment. We’ll handle that internally and figure it out amongst ourselves.”

    Anthony attempted just 16 field goals — his lowest total of the postseason — in Saturday’s 82-71 loss, in part because the game was played at a glacial pace (the Knicks had just 71 attempts). He also earned 11 free throws. Smith took 12 shots — modest by his standards but perhaps a bit high for a guy with a 102-degree fever.

    Chandler’s dissertation on teamwork, however, seemingly had more to do with the quality of the shots the Knicks were taking and a general failure to keep the ball moving or to hit the open man.

    The Knicks’ offense has been stagnant ever since the playoffs began.

    Offensively, we’ve been stinking lately,” said Woodson, who echoed and welcomed Chandler’s critique.

    “Sometimes, bickering amongst each other is pretty healthy,” Woodson said. “I don’t call it bickering, maybe that’s not the word to use. I just think he’s being a good teammate. I say it. Sometimes, it’s good that it comes from within the guys that are on the floor working. So I don’t see anything wrong with it.”

    Woodson agreed with Chandler’s concerns about poor ball movement, saying, “You’ve got to sacrifice the ball for the sake of the team, and good things happen offensively when you do that.”

    Anthony’s 6-for-16 performance from the field Saturday — including an 0-for-3 mark in the fourth quarter — had some commentators suggesting he should shoot more, not less. Woodson waved off the entire discussion.

    “It’s just not Melo,” he said. “I don’t want this to be a one-man show.”

    Rather, Woodson said he wants to see a return to the style that had five Knicks averaging double-digit scoring in the regular season.

    With Smith ailing and the Knicks desperate for 3-point shooting, Woodson said he might turn to Chris Copeland and Steve Novak on Tuesday.

    Or perhaps all the Knicks need is for Anthony — who is shooting .414 in the series — to simply take, and make, better shots.

    “The shot that I took, I feel I can make,” Anthony said. “And I’ll continue to take those shots. I’ll come out a little bit more aggressive come tomorrow.”

    As I've said many times. Melo doesn't need to take too many difficult, contested shots. He needs to let the game come to him. When he does look to score he should make quick decisions. If he's helped on he should pass the ball.

    I like that Woody backed up Tyson. Melo understands how to work the media. He said the right thing, but it seems he didn't like the comments from our 1st team defender.
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    Comment could have been for JR and Felton too. Felton had an awful night, i think he made ony one shot but took many. He needs to be more of a facilitator, he took and missed way too many shots. Jr swish is in a slump and probably caught a bug from RiRi and/or Chandler, still took ill advised shots. Seeing Shump shoot 2 for 10 is a sign of despiration, he's a defensive player so his offensive game is a bonus, ATM. Melo went 6 for 16 and tried to share the ball. His problem is learning how to inspire his team mates to play at a higher Jordan, Kobe, and Lebron does all so well. Also, Chandler needs to step up his game too. DPOY should not be abused by someone who didn't even make the secondary defensive unit. Hibbert owned him and that's what probably brought about his frustration. As the saying goes...point your finger and there are always 3 fingers pointing back at you. No time for the blame game...just man-up and get your act together. This is a team game and only teams win the CHIP!! As always...

    The next game will be a gut check, heart check, coaching check, and reality check.

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    A lot of the times when someone comes out and says what needs to be said whether out on the media or not, it will seem like the person is pointing fingers. I don't think Chandler was pointing fingers, he was just simply stating the obvious about the necessity for unselfish play. The main problem wasn't defense although, Pacers wrecked us on the boards because that's what their game consists of. The main problem was our offense. It was too predictable and easy to defend. The Pacers had 82 points. We couldn't top that. Our offense sucked. Chandler was voicing his opinion. He already won a ring and he knows what kind of unselfish team play the team needs to win. He simply saw what the problem was and he voiced it out. I appreciate his voice because most people will say the "right" political things and give no value of truth out into the media. He is definitely a leader in the Knicks and people need to take what he said and learn from it or the Knicks are done for. You can be a little bitch about it and be angry that he said that and say he's complaining or you can take it like a man and think about it and learn from it. I can totally see that he wants to win, and that's mad respect to him because he already has a ring and he is still hungry for another one. The rest of the people on the team need to listen up to what he says. The team WILL NOT go any further without trust in each other's abilities, or allowing the other person to shine for night.
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    WOW! I recall this same type of article in 2007-8, when the Denver Nuggets center Marcus Camby voiced his opinion after 2 straight losses in the playoffs.
    The Denver Nuggets traded Camby in July 2008, then traded Allen Iverson in November 2008, for condoning Camby comments.
    Will Tyson Chandler be a Knicks next season?

    This should indirectly explain Camby's 2012-13 playingtime with the Knicks .. 10 minutes each in 24 games out of 82 games, and 1 minute each in 3 postseason games out of 10 games.
    I have not seen a hint of injury or weakness in any area from Camby or Amare body throughout the 2012-13 season when they got on the court. I guess when our favorite sports analyst keep repeating over & over & over of players injuries we have no other choice but to believe the player is injured.

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    Just a bit of food for thought..

    So far in the playoffs Melo has the highest attempts per game average at 25.3, while shooting just 39.1%. Also this post season he is averaging just 1.7 assists.

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