Coach Pat Riley made Ewing, Oakley, and Anthony Mason the force to beat in the Finals.
Coach Larry Brown made Rik Smit a dominating factor having two strong-fowards name Davis.

The frontcourt rotation of Hibbert, West, and Hansbro makes the Pacers a decent 2nd round postseason team, the team is not a ECF team without Granger and a decent vet PG.

Coach Woodson is clueless as the man on the moon, the Knicks gave Woody the top #1 frontcourt big-man rotation of: "Tyson, Camby, Stat, and K-Mart" a frontcourt rotation that belong in the 2012-13 FINALS.
Someone has to convince Woody that Melo, Novak, and Copeland are SF in the playoff, and JR & Shump are SG in the playoffs .. before it gets to late.
Starting 3 guards (Felton/Prig/Shump) in the regular season could pass in the weak EC, starting 3 guards in the playoff is cluelessness after losing 4 games out of the last 6 games...