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    Default Shumpert has soreness in his knees

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    INDIANAPOLIS -- The [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] were missing a third player in practice Monday as [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] sat out due to soreness in his left knee, the team said.
    The extent of Shumpert's soreness was unclear, but Shumpert and coach Mike Woodson said they thought the forward would play in Game 4 on Tuesday night, when the Knicks' Eastern Conference semifinal series against Indiana resumes. The [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] lead 2-1.
    Stellar Shumpert

    Iman Shumpert is averaging 9.8 points and shooting 44.4 percent from behind the arc (12 for 27) in the postseason. More telling is his improvement in his advanced metric stats. His defensive rating has improved by 12 points and his rebound rate has almost doubled.

    Season 11.5 108 106 8.0
    Playoffs 16.5 111 94 13.6

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] and [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] also missed the session due to lingering illnesses. Woodson said they will be game-time decisions.
    Shumpert said the soreness was related to a fall he took in Game 3 and not the surgery he underwent last year on the knee. Shumpert appeared to bang the knee in a collision in the second half of the Knicks' loss Saturday. He had surgery to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament last year and had been relatively pain-free since his return.
    Smith and Martin had also missed practice Sunday.
    Smith first came down with the illness on Friday night. He played through a fever on Saturday but shot just 4-for-12. Smith is shooting 12-for-52 in this series.
    Woodson said Monday that Martin had come down with the same illness that affected Smith. The coach expressed concern that the illness, which Smith described Saturday as a "virus," could spread to other teammates.


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    Criminal if serious.

    Iman is #1 game changer for NYK in present and future.

    It is a shame Chandler's game and flow within the team is falling off wagon. You can win a chip building around prime Shumpert and Chandler.

    People go about building contenders wrong, imo. You shouldn't focus 100% on the superstar and then try to build around him (unless he is rare breed who will succeed and make others better regardless of the supporting cast).

    Sad that CP3 a free agent and likely to bolt. I still wish NYK amnestied Amare (god bless the man though). NYK need a real PG to run offense through, who can play both half court and also play at fast paced at will. Lin was good but too young and flawed, and not right if your team has Melo + Woodson for better or worse...

    NYK need to do whatever it takes to bring in a Mike Conley type of PG. Shumpert + Chandler perfect people to surround Melo with, but not when Melo is basically running the offense.

    JR must not be resigned this off season. Team has maybe 2 good years of Chandler left and team needs a good Chandler to win a title. Win at all costs attitude must be taken by this franchise and to do so JR must not be resigned, Amare must be traded, and a tough/smart PG who can start and run the offense must be brought in, as well as a sharp shooter who can play D.

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    Knicks need 2nd real scorer most teams which have 2 regular scorers are playing in conference finals

    there is only 1 San Antonio Spurs which are playing whole team but Parper is mostly their diesel power .

    Mostly i was "brain" shots not ISO psycho mania or 3-4 shot clock shot.

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    Not sounding good for Shumpert right now, we're f*cked if he cant play. Hes been huge for us up to this point

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