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I love Woodson but we need more creativity on the offense end and I'm not referring to ISO-ball or ball movement but today and the past 2 games I seen Melo make an effort to move the ball but guys were not in position to make anything happen because the offense is vanilla as hell

I would kill to get either Mike Malone from Golden State, Brian Shaw from Indiana or Mike Budenholzer from San Antonio. All 3 bring what we need to the table. If not then Woodson needs to hire and offensive consultant and let him work the X's and O's
Let's be FAIR....Knicks win their DIVISION...they CAPTURE Home court for the Playoffs FIRST AND SECOND ROUNDS and Go to the Second Round by beating BOSTON. There's not a Knick fan who would not have taken that Pre season and just because Melo and Stat talk about CHAMPIONSHIPS they are full of ****. If the Knicks get past the Pacers they will be embarrassed by the HEAT who without LEBRON and DWADE could beat the KNICKS.
So instead of finger pointing...at Melo...at JR...and Chandler and WOODSON...know that this OLD team like BOSTON needs to be revamped. Camby, Q Rich , And KMart {who saved our season} and NOVAK whose useless and J KIDD and PRIG are not winning a championship..EVER. This team must be rebuilt around MELO, STAT, and CHANDLER. I like FELTON but there are 10 point guards in the NBA who better. So after our BIG 3 ...everyone is expendable...here's the problem ..they make 53 MIllion which is more than many NBA teams.....EWING had MJ the Knicks have LeBRON and CO and they are not winning championships. Lets thank them for a miracle season of 54 WINS and not beat them up over this PACERS series. The players you mentioned are not championship players either.....BRIAN SHAW...BUDENHOLZER...lol. Bosch , Allen, Cole, Battier, BIRDMAN and the Miami bench...could beat the Knicks. You want players...Get me CURRY for starters...lol. You DO NOT WIN WITH A 3 GUARD OFFENSE IN THE NBA....EVER.