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    Default How is this not a foul ???

    All series long, all I've heard was how the refs are letting Indy play physical and that when Hibbert jumps "straight up in the air" the refs are letting the contact take place w/out blowing the whistle. Here's the perfect example, Hibbert is reaching forward with his arm and using his leg to kick 'Melo. This is the textbook definition of a foul. I harp on this, b/c I harken back to the 90s, when it would infuriate me that MJ would ALWAYS get the benefit of the whistle when he would attack the rim. Ewing, Mason, Oakley... whatever... MJ would drive and jump and lurch toward the rim, jump into a Knick big... and ALWAYS the call would go against the Knicks. A defender would never get away with jumping in the air and absorbing contact from the offensive player without a call. ONLY if the defensive player remained stationary, rooted to the court with hands in the air... So this series boggles the mind how Carmelo fouls out but not Hibbert? There's more offensive calls on 'Melo than defensive fouls on Hibbert. Indy takes DOUBLE the FTs last night? Bottom line: Refs are not why Knicks are getting dominated by Indy, but if the refs are going to allow Indy to play physical... then it's no wonder why NY is getting dominated. Simple as that. 'Carmelo is fouled on nearly every possession. HIbbert should have 3 fouls in the 1st quarter every game... If refs are going to allow the Indy big center to jump in the air and swat both his arm and leg at the penetrator, then Indy will win in 5. /New York Daily News
    I GUESS THIS IS AN OFFENSIVE FOUL ON 'MELO, even though he's being shoved too?
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