THANKS DrB...And exactly. Knicks are losing b/c of the 3-point shooting of Indy's back court, and the fact that 'Melo has come up small in the 4th quarter. Knicks were in a position to steal either Games 3 or 4 in the 4th, despite the poor shooting %, the turnovers and the disparity on the boards... But what's killing the rally is the clutch 3s Indy is hitting and the disappearance of Carmelo late in the game. KNICKS cannot allow 20 second chance points PLUS 8 three-pointers. Indy struggles to score... you have to take 1 of these away. I think going BIG is a failure on Woody's part. We won game 2 b/c we took the guards out of it. Knicks need to stay the course, play small... and stop doubling down on the bigs. TAKE AWAY THE THREE POINT SHOT from Indy. Concede the offensive rebounds, b/c Indy is going to get their share. Knicks need to hit their shots, take away the 3 from Indy and hope 'Melo shows up in the 4th. This means getting him some rest late 3rd or early 4th. Knicks are now "dead," and have been written off. Let's hope the pressure is off their shoulders, since now they have nothing to lose. See this opportunity as their ONE chance at a 2nd life... re-write the script.