I know I just sound like an overly optimistic fan but I really do think we can and actually will pull this one out.

We have lost the last 2 games because we missed makeable shots and allowed offensive rebounds.

All it will take is a player like Pablo or Shump to come on even just in the next couple of games, if we can (and frankly we'll have to) win the next 2 then the series is ours!

I am pretty confident in a game 5 victory but we just need that game to kick start a couple of guys! Ideally JR and Shump

Also...Kidd is due and no way with the possibility of playing his last NBA game he goes out on a 0 for whatever! Kidd will get some buckets in game 5

We gotta stop double teaming Hibbert! Let him try to score 30+ and if he does and that's what beats us then I'll take it! But giving up wide open 3's and/or offensive rebounds because our rebounders are chasing guys off the 3pt line to double Hibbert is dumb!

I know we have the personnel to right the ship

Indy is due a loss at home, if we take them in Game 5 I think they get comfortable with a possible close out game at home like we did Boston! If it goes 7 then we got them by double digits!

I know this is extremely bold considering how we have played the past 2 games...but we have been down at times this season and have rallied!

That 4 game losing streak had guys on this site thinking we were gonna drop to 6th in the East, instead we came together and won 14 straight...again not saying their is not a ton of things that need correcting, but I think we can get those things corrected and we can pull it out.

I'm not ready for the off season yet and neither are our boys!!!