history of this series from 94

knicks were up 2-0 then pacers even the series
pacers then were up 3-2 reggies 25pts in 4th quarter
then knicks even the series and huge tension in game 7 till last seconds

in 95 pacers stolen game 1 famous miller 8 points in 8.9 secs [only t-mac scores 13 points in 30 secs]

then knicks even the series but later series went to 3-1 again knicks even series and then most remarkable miss put back by Ewing and Indiana stay alive and beat Knicks 4-3 i will never forget it

1998 series to forget 1-4

1999 no one will forgot 4 point play of LJ

and now Knicks are down 3-2 and just heard that G Hill will not play game 6

so do Knicks have a chance to force game 7?