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The ONLY reason we are down in this series is because INDIANA won three games....say what you will.
WHAT WE NEED TO DO....is play lock down D for 4 quarters....and Felton and Copeland should be aggressive in taking their shots.....SHUMPERT goes from spectacular to absent ...sometimes in the same game. He was fouled hard 3 times and got NO CALLS.
In this GAME we were the THUGS...ask STEPHENSON....and WEST. If Hill is out..then the PACERS are minus GRANGER, and HILL which is more than OKC missing Westbrook.

PRIG drives gets open and should shoot the tear drop.

This time WE GOT THE CALLS...like JR's heave was not in the act of shooting.
TYSON and JR should not get "T's" anymore.
I was a pure shooter and trust me Melo's shoulder is hurting his shooting is effected. I can see weird ball rotation on some of his shots....and you could have made a negative highlight film on his three lousy pocessions in a row before hitting a shot. When he gets the ball in the flow at his favorite spots he can be deadly even with his painful shoulder. Again too much ISO MELO....With a great defender like CAMBY he should back up TYSON at the Center slot and Stat can back up Shumpert. . K Mart SAVED OUR SEASON...played a solid game and made FREE THROWS.
LASTLY, we are not getting any easy shots in the paint except for FELTON.

What Woodson needs to yell his players and himself ...if Hibbert or George have 4 falls then they must drive at him...After his 4th George guarded JR abd yet Knicks did not get the ball to JYR and when they did he would not drive.......After georges's 5th he told the coach not to take him out but he was taken out anyway.....

Get Hibbert and George in foul trouble early and get them on the bench and out of the game...