Our defense has been steller all the playoffs and even in this series, if I'm not mistaken twice Indy failed to get to 80 so we can stop them but we all know its been our offense

We can't rely on Cope to be the big again for us in Game 6 and we need from a confidence standpoint Amare and JR to do some relevant things

First Stat, the back to the basket things needs to be tabled till next year! He can meet up with Hakeem this summer and refine things then but now is not the time to try it out! I propose Stat
Plays face up when he goes in...you still gotta respect his shot so it will open the floor, all we need is 3-5
from field on those short to mid range J's

JR on the other hand needs to go to the rack...the Pacers only go 8 deep so we need to draw fouls on them...JR needs to take about 8 FT's a game to get us some easy points and to be that other person along with Melo putting guys in foul trouble

If he and Melo can draw 6 or so fouls apiece (both shooting and non) this is a ton for a team to use guarding just 2 players especially if that team does not go deep into bench

Indy plays hard nose but they can be too aggressive so the opportunity is there for someone other than Melo