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I am a massive knicks fan, but the knicks management are seriously Dick Heads for who they have let go and who they have signed ! Their attitude is to buy quick championships, which is just stupid. you need patience , draft well and stop bringing in old hacks from other clubs who have had their day in the sun. Kidd, Stat, Chandler etc should never have been recruited. Look at all the awesome young kids we lost for those players?

Now we are totally ****ed - Got a team full of old hacks who need to retire , and we have hardly any youth ! Just stupidity as far as i am concerned !

we should be looking to have a prolonged period of success over 5-7 years, rather than buy single championships here and there ! until we learn this and the management changes their strategy, we wont ever win a championship sadly IMO
Perfectly stated whether down under or here it's just that obvious.