First let me say I respect you guys that post on here all the time. I cant get into posting online all the time. I like to read though from time to time.

My thoughts are very short and I believe its the only thing that needs to be said and its the end of the story.

We need a power forward that plays better defense and is a offensive threat inside (Amare who)

We need a consistent shooting guard (don't care J.R. is not the answer)

We need better team defense and more plays instead of isolation and quick shots (It was painful to watch us get picked apart defensively and not play as a team offensively)

We need Carmelo Anthony to pass more (some of his shots are questionable)

We need a 3 point threat (Miss Novack)

We need another really good player. Either a Power Forward or shooting guard.

I'd rather have a power forward then a shooting guard because I can't take this weak defense inside.

And rebounds! WTF.

Ok that is all