First off, I'm not one to think bigger means better. Chuck Hayes is 6'6" and can get the job done at center. When you have the bigs to get it done defensively though, and you don't go all out with it, you're doing it wrong.

Before the season started I was amazed the Knicks had Chandler AND Camby. Kurt Thomas and Sheed? WTF? AWESOME. I know there were injuries, and some that may have been worse than let on, but Woodson did not seem to want to take full advantage of this. If he wanted to have a three guard rotation, fine, but have there being a bunch of playing time in which Camby and Chandler play together. Camby is a shot blocking and rebounding machine. At least he tried Martin and Chandler in the Playoffs.

This team also had players who could drive the basketball, shoot, pass, it was a mix of EVERYTHING.

What are the chances of the Knicks EVER having this many well above average bigs on a team? Highly unlikely even if you had the most money to spend in the league and were shooting to spend only big contracts on big men.