I agree with Knicks4life. We just don't have many options to let a guy like Smith walk away. Our assets are limited and we cant even play around in the FA market (sign and trade) because we are in luxury tax mode. We have no cap space and can only use the mini mid level and minimum contracts to lure players. The NYK scouting team needs to put 150% effort in looking for players in the draft, overseas and in the D league. I'm positive we can improve from 40 yr old Kidd and rarely used Camby. We'll also need a starting PF and another big for depth. Can't count on Kenyon returning and Amare may still be on a minutes restriction next season. Either way, we need a big man who can be a threat in the post.

I want to see the FO work out everyone. There are always sleepers out there but you have to be diligent about finding them. Re-sign Smith because really what are your options for that kinid of talent, as inconsistent as he may be. Shump will continue to progress. I'd especially like him to work on his driving game. He rarely was able to break his man down and attack the basket. Don't want him to develop into a Bruce Bowen type spot up shooter.

Grunwald has to do better. Out of the 5 old heads that he signed, only one of them contributed when it was most important. Becaue of that, I say Grunwald did a horrible job in the offseason. I know it looked pretty decent at first but this league is results based.