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    Originally Posted by Kiyaman
    Melo demands to touch the ball on practically every offensive-possession .. who's going to deny Melo the ball? not Woodson, he likes his job.
    I hear what you're saying. Carmelo is an awesome player and he demands that kind of respect by his skills but he needs to have a hunger to win. He shouldn't be satisfied by being top scorer. If he wants to win an MVP he needs to step his game up and learn to pass more often. The Knicks will never win a championship the way Melo plays. Look at Lebrons and Wade's assist numbers. Lebron averages 7.5 and Wade averages about 6. They allow their team's offense to be unpredictable and more well rounded which also motivates EVERYONE to go hard on defense. Melo playing the way he does, MAN, I'm not surprised why Stat is being considered to be on the bench next year. It's ridiculous. Melo knows how to play ball, if he would only get his mind to consider playing alongside Stat, I'm sure he would learn how to make the team run better. I don't see Stat averaging more than 2.5 assists per game but I can see Melo being able to average about 5.5 with the ability that he has. He just needs to change his "eyes on me" play style. When he learns to involve other people and change his "spotlight" play style, he will give himself the chance to win an MVP title, and MORE IMPORTANTLY A CHAMPIONSHIP.
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