There's been some good reasons not being happy with some of our players, but wanting to get rid of some of these players are going a little bit too far in my opinion.

Tyson Chandler - He's gone through his own injuries and illnesses. Could you imagine the Knicks without him? Find me a good enough replacement. K-Mart is great, but who knows if age will catch up with him.

Kidd - He was HUGE for the Knicks. He needs to be used like Popovich would use him. Give him rest some games. He's a rare, intellectual player.

Camby - I know his, and Kidd's contract are not the greatest considering their age, but Camby didn't get much of a shot. Woodson might be to blame for this.

The Knicks spent quite a bit of money on old players, but they also came up with some great deals on youth (Felton, Smith, who, even though didn't have a good impact in the second round, they were great additions for the price. There could have been MUCH worse players instead of them).