The reason I even suggest Bargnani is simply b/c he's one of the most realistic options there are this Summer if the Knicks are to get out from under Amar'e contract. As mentioned above, STAT is the better player, and if healthy gives TOR way more value. TOR is done with Bargnani. I even believe it's possible to believe TOR might view it's better to bring Amar'e in for 2 years (even with the risk) then to keep Bargs, or give him away for pennies on the dollar. TOR had to overpay to bring in Landry Fields, so it is obvious free agents aren't running to Canada right now. TOR is under the cap and has some money to spend, so they'll first try to dump Bargs to free up even more cash then make a run at a Paul Mislap or something... But I think they swing and miss, and this is where NY comes in. Our main motivation to do this trade is to get cap relief. Even if it is only 4 or 5 million. It would be a huge relief next season. About 11 million will be cleared. If even given the choice that it means Bargnani plus 1 other useful player or STAT, the Knicks will attempt to make this move. It might mean keeping Copeland or not.