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What's funny is that Melo is better defensively at the 4 than he is at the 3...he's a good post defender, just has JR Smith moments at the perimeter. If we can somehow keep Martin and get another PF to hold us down(I rather spend 5 mil on Tiago Splitter over JR Smith), we would really help out Melo's game...this team should be built around Melo, but Melo building himself around this team. Melo is a SF PG(hopefully Schroeder or Larkin) Shumpert Anthony Martin/Splitter Chandler/Splitter Amare...don't see him getting traded so he'll add to our "depth" nor will Felton...so hopefully we can use Felton in a Jarett Jack role...don't think Felton is suited to run the PG position as a starter...he plays best when Melo isn't dominating the shot attempts. Felton is a solid scorer, average passer...does nothing great. Best to see him go up against the reserves of the opposition. Defense is the priority, so this lineup makes most sense PG - Prigioni (so underrated in many ways. his 2nd NBA season he will be HUGE since he's adjusted) SG - Shumpert (Going to break out and average 17-18 points) SF - Anthony PF - Martin (best defender on the team in the 2013 season...he's earned the PF role, no one played harder than Martin) C - Chandler (I would bench him for Splitter if he doesn't get back to form) with a bench of 1. Felton (Spark plug off the bench, total oppositie of Prigioni, will confuse the defense. Prigioni is a change up, Felton is a fastball) 2. (Drafted PG Schroeder/Larkin) 3. Copeland (2nd season in the NBA, just like Shumpert and Prigioni, you can only expect BIG THINGS) 4. Stoudimire (A lot of hope here) 5. Splitter (two way big man who can do everything except shoot) Novak/Kidd can be the 11th and 12th men. 13, 14, 15 should go to younger players with energy and quickness. We got enough vets.
It's not like the Knicks have choice on how to spend that 5M. JR is the only player they can offer that 5M to because they have his bird rights.