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Depends on your goals...IF it's win the East FINALS ..I doubt it. If the KNICKS get through ROUND 1 it will be great. In the BIG PICTURE. The BULLS with DENG , and ROSE playing in the play offs they would be a better challenge to Miami than Indiana is and Indiana was better than the Knicks with a healthy Chandler and a healed MELO. This year with all the stars lined up we won the Division , had 2ND seed and got past the first round. I don't see better than that for next year...Chandler healthy brought NO OFFENSE, thinking about our back court against Miami or Indiana is laughable. We all love Prigioni's effort if only he could drive for any points in the paint and there he's a ZERO...there are 10 PG's in the NBA better than Felton and then KIDD should as Camby should RETIRE but they won't. That's pathetic. Copeland will improve and be another TREVA ARIZA..no more no less. He will be 30. So I am not optimistic about improving on this year at all. Q Rich BTW would be in his 12 year. You my friend must study up and what takes to the ECF and WIN....the retirement of LEBRON...for one thing. Notice I won't comment on STAT until his health issue is resolved. Woodson does what Melo tells him as he saw how CHRIS PAUL got rid of Vinny DELNEGRO and the Nets back court star got rid of Avery Johnson.
You my friend must realize what improvement means. You assume that I think the Knicks are going to make it to The Finals next year or that needs to be the standard to achieve improvement...and thats not the case, in fact a 55 win season (two more regular season wins that 12-13) and a trip to the ECF (2 more playoff wins than 12-13) would be a step forward for us.

2nd, how did "all the stars align" for The Knicks

Sheed played well then got hurt and never returned
Stat was hurt most of the year
Shump was out for a while
Felton was hurt
Melo gets hurt before we embark on our toughest road trip of the season, then Tyson gets hurt during that trip and we start that trip off with the news that Stat was out for 6 weeks at least

Knicks got Boston first round who no one wanted in the 1st round.

Kidd has an 0-17 stretch to end the season

Novak took a step backwards

Miami goes on an Epic run that initially overtook us at top of the Conference then pretty much meant we finished no higher than 2nd

oh yeah...our MVP entered the playoffs with an injury, our 2nd leading scorer could not buy a shot, 3 players on our team come down with the flu during EC Semis

This was not a year of aligning stars! Woody coached his @ss off which is why it may seem that way but this was no easy run for our team.

So yeah there is hope for the future!