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Billups is damaged goods.

Why do we have to continue this trend of washed up veterans?

We need a damn answer at PG and C looks like a weak position for us right now with how Chandler preformed in 2013.
The best backup and role players are former ALL stars in the league. They accept their role and they no what it takes to win, they are selfless and are not looking to do more than just win either their first or one more title.

Billups would be an upgrade over what Kidd gave us this year.

If we could get 19 solid minutes out him making the vet min than he would be perfect.

Tyson has been our most consistent player the past 2 seasons and he had a bad playoff run but he's still a top 5 Center in this league. Not to mention his struggles on D were a result of that stupid Zone we ran and bad calls, when we went man to man in game 5 he held Hibbert down!

Again not saying I would not welcome an upgrade at PG (or any position) but we did not underachieve this year because of PG play...in fact things went South when Ray got hurt in December. Kidd,Priggs and Felton all penetrated the lane but only Raymond was a threat to finish!

Give me a backup PG of Raymond caliber along with Raymond and we're good!

And Frankly unless we find a steal in the draft we are not going to get an upgrade at the point without parting with Shump and even then it may not happen! PGs are at a premium more now than ever so no way our 3 million exception nabs one so we gotta accept Raymond for better or worst and like I said we just gotta add a solid backup to remain steady at that position because being exceptional at the point is not an option!