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Yes .. we need a starting PG .. who? mystery?
Felton is a decent upgrade backup PG .. that starts do to a injury in the starting-lineup.

Yes .. we need a veteran BIG to backup or start for Amare .. who?
Yes .. we need a young-center to backup Tyson .. who?
Yes .. we need a starting SG .. or we sign JR as our starting SG.

JR elbow to Terry will delay contract talks .. so if we do sign JR? JR must start with Melo.

Shump is our new combo-guard (6th-Man) next season.

Prig & Copeland put in work to earn a 2 yr contract from Knicks or 1 yr with the next team.
Kenyon Martin TUFFness belong on the Knicks next season.

Kidd & Camby are our best frontcourt/backcourt coaches on the bench.
Have Shumpert as our starting SG. He's our future. Dude has emerged as one of the best young SG's that we know in the NBA.

I think we need to replace Chandler. Age and his NBA mileage has come to a limit. If we don't unload him now, we will regret it in the future. It'll be a waste of contract and value.