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    The leadership has to make everyone on the team feel like they are an important piece to the puzzle. If the Knicks learn to function as a team, trust each other to put in the work, then there should be no problems in team work between the people we have. The Knicks are going to have to learn how to make their offensive system work because it seems like we are stuck with the players we have. Woody should allow Stat be a starter and finally let Melo, Felton, Tyson, Stat, and Shump to mesh together. Once the offense becomes free flowing they will be naturally cohesive on defense as well. For some people its hard to be motivated to play defense when you feel that you're not trusted on the offensive scheme of things. Players are motivated to play on both ends of the court when they are rewarded with trust on the offense. Some players take it for granted and other players lose morale because its like, "why should I break my back on D when the other dude gets to chuck up 18 shots and miss 85% of the time without worrying about losing their offensive role on the team and also when they don't put much into defense themselves". A lot of players will obviously get offended and will lose motivation. The whole team's morale will go down. Melo wants JR back but I don't think JR should come back because he doesn't seem serious about winning a chip. Stat and Tyson along with everyone else will play better D in my opinion when the leadership knows how to be fair to all the players and get everyone involved in the offensive scheme of things. When there are players who are only depended on offense, and others who are only depended on defense, the team morale will be skewed. If you look at the winning teams everyone is depended on playing offense AND defense. It ain't fair for someone like JR to have free reign on offense and have others out there only for defense. First of all, whoever isn't getting a chance to contribute offensively will lose morale. Secondly, the offense will be too predictable and will make players like Melo and JR resort to making those impossible shots. Even though they might be good at making those kind of shots, the Knicks will never be taken seriously that way. If Melo don't learn quick that it takes more than trusting in his own or JR's abilities to win a championship we're in for some more depressing seasons to come. I don't question Stat's ability to contribute on both ends of the floor, although I do question his durability. He will be more inclined to contribute on defense if Woody learns how to incorporate everyone on offense. I mean EVERYONE. Tyson needs to be getting his looks, Felton needs to score, Melo needs his lions share but needs to know how to trust others and pass when its obviously the better choice. Stat needs to get his too. He needs a lions share too. Him and Melo need to find a way to trust each other and pass the ball out to make the offense flow better. These past few years they haven't had much of a chance to gel much but the leadership needs to step up and allow them to get things to flow whether any particular player likes it or not. We have our pieces and now we need to trust them. The organization is throwing down too much money to not trust the pieces we have. We need to let JR go. Him going out and getting drunk late during the playoffs should piss every knick fan off. He has the talent to be a superstar but doesn't have the discipline. Stat gets paid much more and deserves the role that JR received.
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