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This started with Jordan, continued with Kobe, well known ball hogs for good reason, but they always for the first half or so, will move the ball, draw and move the ball, setting up teammates early and often for scores, all the attention they draw, teammates will be wide open. What this does is keeps teammates awake and into the flow of the game, rebounding defending, etc. Late 3rd, late 4th, then you go Iso Melo, as it gets later, each possession becomes more valuable and more valuable. You don't want to pass the ball around, you want to go with your money man in his sweet spots. So with well rested legs, a group of teammates in the flow, Melo will close it out. Dirk was awesome with this, he'd have 5 shots and 4 points at the half, but finish with 30 and the W.
Yeah definitely makes sense, especially the point about the legs getting rested for the last quarter due to involving other people in the game.